A hundred attractions you shouldn't miss in Ireland
Planning a trip to Ireland?
Don't miss any of the highlights when you bring this little book along.

A hundred attractions you shouldn't miss in Ireland

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Our list of attractions is arranged geographically, and each comes with a substantial write-up that includes driving and public transport directions, a website and a phone number. So whether you're into...

• Breathtaking scenery
• Stone age settlements,
• Vikings and round towers,
• Normans and their castles
• World class cuisine,
• Nobel Laureates in literature
• Distilleries
• The Titanic
• Lighthouses
• Exquisite gardens
• Traditional music...'s all at your fingertips.
This is the perfect guidebook (6"x9") for anyone contemplating a trip to Ireland, and it also makes a fantastic gift for people who would love to go but can't do so right now. It's a planner for people who are on their way to Ireland, and a souvenir for those who haven't been there yet. ($18 US, black and white interior.)

Map of 100 attractions in Ireland

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