BHSW Inc. is looking for a salesperson to sell ad space on two of our websites, and

The Black Hills website is a tourism guide with about 1,300 live links to everything that a visitor needs to find in the area - attractions, museums, galleries, hotels, restaurants, shopping, the works. And, of course, the ad targets are those same attractions, restaurants etc.

WoodEzine is an online eZine (electronic magazine, no paper version) for woodworkers. WoodEzine posts news about new products and the woodworking industry every day. As such, we feature a lot of companies, and those are the primary ad targets. The site also has a very large database of the entire industry, which will provide ample sales leads for years to come.

The person representing BHSW Inc. to these markets will be a totally independent, self-employed subcontractor, completely in charge of his/her own schedule and methods of work. Revenues are commission only, and will be divided 50/50. That is, when the successful candidate sells an ad, he/she will receive half of the revenue as commission. All invoicing is done through BHSW Inc. and all commissions will be paid to the salesperson within 24 hours of receiving payment from our client. The salesperson will pay their own expenses and income taxes, and BHSW Inc. will handle South Dakota sales tax on any ad sales.

We're looking for somebody with several years experience in sales. Media market experience is desirable but not critical. We're looking for somebody who in effect will be running his/her own business, and as such is a dedicated self-starter. The salesperson will need to physically drive around the Hills each spring, to sell ads for Ad sales for WoodEzine will be by phone and email, and are not seasonal.

BHSW Inc. currently has a page on each site offering ads, and the successful candidate will be involved in setting the rates.

You must be over 18.
You must hold a valid driver's license.
Criminal background checks will be done.
You may be required to pass a drug test.

You won't need to know anything about woodworking, because we do.
You won't need to know anything about websites: we'll get you up to speed.

If you're independently minded, want to run your own business without making any substantial investment, have sales experience, like people, and stick to goals and schedules well, then send a resume to the email address below.